Child Photographer Ottawa | My Little Animatronic

Child Photographer Ottawa | My Little Animatronic

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Child Photographer Ottawa……You should have heard the noises coming out of this kid’s mouth during this 5 min shoot….. He’d just gotten out of the bath, reading homework accomplished when I had a thought. “I bet the lighting is awesome in my studio right now…” So, as usual I say “Gage, take off your shirt, put this one on and come with me”.

“If you’re gonna take pictures of me can I be an animatronic?”

For those of you with kids this age, you may have heard of Five Nights at Freddys. Or maybe not. But here in this house, it kind of dominates. If you’re curious, here’s a link. Kinda like back when we were kids, we were into transformers. (well I wasn’t lol but many were)….

“Yes, Gage. You can be an animatronic”. And yes, the lighting was indeed awesome.

So, needless to say, these are Gage’s animated robotic faces in imitation of something he holds dear. And without this backstory, many would wonder why is my child is possessed lol ;). Here’s the thing for me. I could have forced him to sit and smile at my camera and proudly put those photos on the wall. But that’s never felt quite right to me. I much prefer real images of children being themselves. I prefer to remember ALL of him. The good & the bad. The calm & the crazy. Kids are not easy. They are moody. Well mine sure is. So seeing his face go from sweet and angelic to downright nutty really feels like a pretty decent representation of his day to day personality. 

I hold no illusions that this kind of post will gain me any new clients. What I do hope is that it shows parents that there are some things we all have in common. My kid can be crazy just like theirs,  but we love them unconditionally. I didn’t know it a decade ago….but I was BORN to be his mom.

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