Lifestyle Family Photos Ottawa | Everyday life

Lifestyle Family Photos Ottawa | Everyday life

Lifestyle family photos in Ottawa…your everyday life. Did you know that your life is art? Everything about it is art. It’s real and it’s true and it’s pure. There is something special to me about family photos that show everyday life. The toys on the floor are toys that mean something to your kids. The dishes in the sink that didn’t get done. They probably got left behind so you could do homework with your son or read a book with your daughter. And that’s ok. I’m a big fan of leaving chores for another day. 😉

Tonight is family game night at our house. I forget every week. I will likely defrost something in the oven for supper and leave the dishes til tomorrow so we have more time tonight. I’ll be honest, I don’t LOVE playing board games lol. But the fact that I get reminded about it every week by my son means it’s important to him so here we go! Sometimes when we are doing things like this, I wish there was someone there to capture it for me. So much so that I’m hiring a photographer to photograph my own little family this summer just being us in our everyday life. 

My son likes to ‘tinker’ in the garage with his dad. They make all sorts of weird things out there. I could easily go out and capture it but let’s be real here. I can’t capture them at work and be IN the pictures too. So I’m taking my own advice and making this happen for us. I need lifestyle family photos on my wall that actually have me in them. And I’ve made a point of telling myself they will go up on that wall come hell or high water no matter what I think I look like in them. I struggle with this like most moms. So these lifestyle family photos are going UP on that wall!

If you are holding back, don’t. None of my clients have ever regretted having lifestyle family photos made. I promise you! ♥ Melissa


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