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Top 5 Requested Maternity Poses

Maternity photography remains one of my favorite genres to shoot. The excitement of finding out you are pregnant is like none other. I’ve been there! And then it occurs to you that there is such a thing as maternity photos! So, off you go, to search Ottawa for the best photographer you can find!

I want to share with you, my top 5 requested maternity poses. Over the years many woman have reached out to me during their pregnancy, thinking of doing maternity portraits. Sometimes they have reservations. Will they turn out how they envision? Will they look like the images they see in my portfolio? My goal, first and foremost, is to answer these questions for them with a resounding YES! 

 # 1 This is by far my number one requested maternity pose! With proper lighting & flattering angles, this pose is great for hiding things we don’t care to draw attention to. While highlighting the things we want to remember about our pregnancy! It works for EVERY body type. I make a note of showing moms-to-be the back of my camera after shooting this one simply because of it’s instant wow factor and it’s ability to put clients at ease. 

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# 2  This one is great for anyone with long hair. Using a fan creates movement and my clients tell me they feel like they are in the middle of a magazine shoot! I try to make a point of wrapping mom in the same material I plan to photograph her newborn with when that time comes.

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#3 This pose is great for the client who wants her dad-to-be in on the action. It’s all about connection 🙂 For those that wish to show this one to Grandma, I do a more modest version as well. Unless your Grandma is like mine was. 😉 Mine would have gotten a kick out of maternity pictures in general.


# 4 Everyone loves a silhouette. There are so many variations of this but it’s one I get asked for at almost every session! 

maternity silhouette photopinimage

#5 This pose was the very first one that began to be more and more requested. Friends of friends had to have it. It’s just so beautiful and so flattering! Not all women can do this one, as sometimes it’s hard to be on your back during your pregnancy. I have done it so many times that I have a quick system and work very fast. The hardest part is the ‘back arch’ that takes it to the next level 😉



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