Newborn Session Ottawa | The Excitement of Searching for a newborn photographer

Searching for a Newborn Photographer in Ottawa


When I found out I was pregnant, I remember heading out to the grocery store one day and thinking to myself, I’m not alone. I have this little life inside of me, and no matter how small, we are in this together. And every decision I make will affect them. It’s a huge responsibility and exciting at the same time.  I bought a crib when I was only a few weeks pregnant and set it up WAY too early. Which led to a barrage of other baby items that needed to be researched and purchased. I’m an expert internet ‘researcher’ by the way. Which swing did I want and what kind of stroller was going to work for me? Whatever was needed, it was thoroughly researched by me. This kind of excitement is the same when you begin your search for a newborn photographer in Ottawa.

There is just something about custom newborn photos that make you want to splurge a little. You want that feeling of satisfaction and relief knowing you’ve made the best choice for your family and your newborn. Finding an experienced photographer, who you connect with and genuinely like, is important. I can imagine it must be hard to sort through the many websites. Once you find a newborn photographers work that you love, you then have to make heads or tails of how they operate their business and what their pricing means. My goal is to make every step of the process simple and completely stress free. Knowing what to expect and learning about all the tips and tricks you & I both can do to help ensure a smooth newborn session is key. Hop on over to my contact page and send me a quick email or give me a call at 613-266-2651. I’ll send you my newborn guide (NO BOOKING REQUIRED) with information on everything you need to know with regards to a newborn session with me. How my pricing structure works, how to make payments, how to prepare (this is HUGE), what to expect during & after your session and how I will handle things if baby is having an ‘off’ day (babies do that once in a while 🙂 ) 

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