Ottawa baby pictures | What does a newborn session look like

What does a newborn session look like | Ottawa baby pictures?

If you live in Ottawa and are on the search for a newborn photographer, you’ve come to the right place! I’m all about transparency and what could be better than a preview of what a newborn session with me would look like. A common misconception is that more images are better. That’s not always the case (unless you are shooting a wedding). Let me try to explain it this way, it’s takes TIME & THOUGHT to create each unique newborn baby picture. You want each image to stand on it’s own and be special to you in some way. If a baby picture doesn’t make you feel something, than something is missing. I always tell my students that you want to feel like you can almost reach into the portrait and touch the subject. You want the tiny details to be visible on their skin (but I digress. That is editing and that is a whole other post) 🙂

Here are a few examples!

full ottawa newborn sessionpinimage

full newborn session ottawapinimage

full newborn session ottawa melissa morrisseypinimage

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