Ottawa Family Photography | An Adventure in a Random Place

Ottawa Family Photography | An Adventure in a Random Place

Ottawa Family Photography in little random places is my favorite thing to shoot. Forget about the posing. The formal stiffness. Imagine letting your kids run and play and be themselves! This is the kind of family photography that makes my heart sing. It’s authentic (I use that word a lot lol). But it’s true; that’s what it is! Some of my favorite photos of my son are when he’s doing something that he loves. That look of sheer joy on his face. I invite you to look through this blog post at this sweet little family. These two sisters didn’t want to leave when we were finished. They were having a blast. Look at their faces! Look at the love between them and their mom.

One of the best parts about this shoot, from my photographer perspective, is that we shot it at some little random place that no one else would think to use. I’m think I’m a bit of a rebel. I blame this on my parents. 😉 (Crazy hippies lol) However, I love to go to the places that others would overlook. I prefer that we don’t have to take turns with other photographers or dodge people. We get to spread out and make memories while capturing gorgeous portraits at the same time. This amazingly special place is kind of my secret location. A random spot in between ‘THE’ spots that so many others flock to. At the end of the day, it’s not about the location. It’s about the interaction and the connection between you and your children. You will very rarely hear me say “now everyone look at the camera and smile”. It’s about letting go and enjoying yourself and forgetting that you’re even at a family photo shoot.

Please give me a call (613.266.2651) or shoot me an email and let’s plan your family photo session. Before we know it the leaves will be on the trees and the flowers will be poking out. Let’s forget about all the cliches and make magic instead. 




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