Outdoor Summer and Fall Photo Sessions in Ottawa | No More Excuses

Outdoor Summer and Fall Photo Sessions in Ottawa | No More Excuses!

Photo Sessions in Ottawa during the Summer and Fall seasons are my favorite! When was the last time you took the plunge, relinquished control and trusted someone to capture your family? One worry that I hear quite often is that parents are worried their children won’t cooperate and we won’t get any good photos. Guess what?! All children will spend part of the photo session not cooperating lol. Trust me, they do! They fuss and cry and refuse to do what we ask. There was a little bit of that going on during this photo session. We dished out M&M’s and kept on trucking. Looking through these gorgeous images, we see a happy family. A few pouts here and there but hey, we need to keep things real.

Another worry I hear is from moms who sometimes want to wait a bit so they can loose some weight. You know what, it would take much more than an up-coming family photo session to motivate ME to loose weight. Now if I booked a trip to the Caribbean and knew I’d be on a beach, THAT would sure motivate me. I think what I’m trying to say is don’t wait. Book the shoot a few months out if you like and try to eat a bit healthier. Drink a bit less wine. 😉 But book it, nonetheless. None of my clients have regretted it yet! However, you may regret very much, not having those family photos to look back on when your children are older.

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