Sweet little Elias & his parents | Ottawa Newborn Full Session

Ottawa Newborn Photographer, full session for parents interested in booking newborn portraits.

I’m a visual person. I guess that’s part of why I became a portrait photographer in this diverse city of Ottawa. So, I figure that new parents will enjoy seeing a full newborn session gallery just as much as I do.  🙂 I love my job and no more so when the session goes a little something like this one. Such a sweet little family. I really enjoy watching the looks on parents faces as I work with their precious baby. I can often hear their whispers. I’m nosey and I always ask them what they are whispering about lol. Usually, they are fascinated with how much I am able to gently ‘disturb’ the newborn and re-settle them back into a deep sleep. I wish I’d seen something like this when my newborn baby was this young. I was such an anxious parent when it came to sleeping and keeping him asleep.

Newborn sessions often have parents leaving with a little boost of confidence when it comes to how to soothe and settle their new baby. I never forget that most brand new parents have a little over a weeks worth of experience with that newborn while I have over 1500 professional hours, along with those endless days & nights with my own baby boy. I make it my job to never forget this, because that would leave me un-connected with the vulnerability of these brand new parents and their equally brand new relationship with their tiny newborns.

I advise parents to never rush to get their newborn session done in that first week of life. There is definitely such a thing as TOO SOON. It’s best to get that feeding relationship established (oh how precarious it can be) and then come see me around Day 10. On the alternate end, don’t stress out if your baby is 3 weeks old or even 6! An experienced, and competent newborn photographer will be able to get a great variety of posed portraits, no matter the age! 

Cheers, Melissa May ♥




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