Tell Me Your ‘WHY’

Tell me your ‘why’ and I’ll tell you mine….

9 years ago I had a little boy.  To this day he is an absolute joy. When he’s not driving me CRAZY lol. He’s my muse. He was the first reason I had for picking up a camera. My reason for getting up everyday. My reason for living. He is my ‘why’. He is why I display family photos in my home. Why I want my clients to have what I have. I will admit… when I had my family portraits made into a album, I did it for myself. I wanted to indulge in something tangible; to be able to pick it up off my shelf every once in a while to look back on the images and remember. What I didn’t count on was that the one person who would reach for that album even more than I did…was him. Every image. He stops and really looks. He talks about them…

“Mom, remember when we went apple picking and you let me throw them at you and your camera?” 

“Mom, remember when you carried me through the snow and we took pictures in the woods?”

“Of course I remember”, I say. 

 I want to know your ‘why’. Why are these images so important to you? There is nothing better than holding the printed images of your family in your hands. It feels luxurious. It feels special. And it will make your heart swell. I promise you. Please print your portraits. Print your iPhone snaps, print it all because, 40 years from now when your grandchildren are going through your home looking for pictures of their family, it will be the album and the prints they find. I promise. It’s about your ‘why’. Nothing more. 

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